Photography by George Faerber

George Faerber - Pole Aerial Photography (PAP)

Pole Aerial Photography (PAP) describes the use of poles or telescoping masts to photograph from an elevated position.  Taking a picture of a building from 5 feet off the ground is not always the best way to showcase a property, and adjacent buildings are not aways nearby, accessible, or otherwise an option. Fixing distortion in post processing leads to a degraded or diminished image while shooting head on and cropping out the foreground relegates the subject to the outer edges of your lens.

Using a mast, a small laptop, an iPad for real time previews with a motorized tripod head to target the subject, I can take pictures that show off the best parts of the scene.

The old Columbus School for the Deaf - PAP shot

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Comparison shot of Elevated photography vs corresponding Ground Level Stuff. 

Old Ohio School for the Deaf, Columbus Ohio

Compared to the shot below, you can see the PAP shot above provides for a better sense of scale and scope for the subject, without overemphasizing the foreground. 



PAP Photography

Ok - this isn't PAP, but I needed a bit more height and this boulder was all I had handy...

Red Rock California 

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