Great trip to Put In Bay for the April 2024 Eclipse.  Check back soon for some additional photos!


False color Solar Eclipse photo


Solar Eclipse Prominences Closeup

The photos on this site are the work of George Faerber, a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio.

None of the images may be used without prior permission. Prints and electronic use rights are available for purchase.

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The Cannery at Webster Station in Dayton Ohio

The Cannery

The Cannery at Webster Station is a multipurpose building located in Dayton Ohio.  The upper 5 floors are loft styled apartments while the first floor offers a range of retail services.  Click through for more detail shots as well as some history of this building. 

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Bryce Canon Autodesk Stitcher and Content Aware Fill Example

Adobe Photoshop CS5 and the Content Aware Fill feature

Content Aware Fill is a truly amazing algorithm that can be found in the new version of Adobe Photoshop. It is useful both for spot fixes, as well as larger ‘creative’ fills.  In the example below, you can see how the 4 images of a panorama come together and leave […]

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Hole in the Wall, Grand Manan Island

The Hole in the Wall Natural Rock Formation

The Hole in the Wall rock formation can be found on Grand Manan Island. It is found within the private Hole In the Wall Campground, although access is possible along hiking trails from other parts of the island as well. This large natural rock arch extends out over the edge of the […]

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Cannery At Webster Station

Cannery at Webster Station

The Cannery was photographed from the roof of the Lonz building across the street.  This multi-row panorama captures the entire frontage of the building and is close to the maximum field of view (FOV) for a rectilinear panorama.   Click here for more information on The Cannery.

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Kansas Wildfires

And everyone said that Kansas was going to be the most boring part of our trip…

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Franklin County Common Pleas Courthouse - George Faerber

Franklin County Common Pleas Courthouse

More images coming soon! Click through for a construction shot from earlier this year. 

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Railroad Tracks to Horizon on a Salt Flat

Salt Flats

Koehn Lake is a dry lake and part of the Mojave Desert in Kern County, California.  While heading towards Red Rock Canyon State Park we took an hour or two detour to experience this great landscape. These railroad tracks were built to facilitate the mining of the salt seen towards the horizon, […]

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Property Management Services

Property Management Services typically involve a blended approach to many of the areas of expertise listed on the site.  Rates start at $500 per half day within the Columbus, Ohio I-270 region for available lighting contracts and a single shooter.  If the properties are proximate, it is possible to get […]

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Tehachapi Mountain Pastures

The Tehachapi Mountains are located in southern California and spread out for approximately 40 miles throughout Kern County. This mountain range sits between the Mojave Desert to the east / southeast and San Joaquin Valley to the northwest.  The lush pastures seen below (and oak trees, unseen in this photo) […]

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Cleveland Ohio Skyline Panorama

Downtown Cleveland Skyline

This print hangs in the Downtown Technology Center in Columbus, OH and is approximately 36 inches by 122 inches as a canvas wrap.  It features the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Key Tower, Terminal Tower, the Science Museum, the Mather Museum and the Cleveland Browns Stadium. 

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Horseshoe Bend Photography

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Rhizome Growth

Rhizome Growth

Rhizomes seem to follow me around.  While each of these plants appear to be separate units, they are stalks formed up from a single runner under the sand.  The plant shoots out tendrils and these sorts of rhizometric growths play a huge role in the control of dune erosion. This photo […]

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George at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park PAP

These trees are so big, they even dwarf my PAP rig!

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Resolution and Megapixels – how to make your own D300x

I’ve been discussing some issues with the recent release of a new Sigma camera with some photographer friends of mine.   This new Sigma claims a resolution roughly 3 times it’s apparent sensor size, and some people are crying foul over this practice.  This is largely the same argument that’s […]

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Walking to the Ross Island Lighthouse

Ross Island Lighthouse at Fish Fluke Point

I’ve been traveling to the island of Grand Manan for over twenty years.   The lighthouse seen in the distance was on my list of destinations for several years, and in 2007 I finally had the chance to make it to Ross Island to visit the lighthouse. 

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Ebay photo of a simlar 600mm F8 Sigma lens for sale

A Powerful Zoom Lens

A few months ago, I added an unusual lens to my bag, a Sigma 600mm F8 Nikon mirror lens.  It shares the same body conventions as other catadioptric lenses (ones that use a combination of refractive and reflective optics) which ‘fold’ the light coming into the camera similar to how […]

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The Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank O Gehry and Associates

The Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank O. Gehry & Partners

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the permanent home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  Sitting at the intersection of First Street and Grand Avenue on Bunker Hill, it is located close to the existing Music Center of Los Angeles.  

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Koehn Lake - Salt Flat

Shooting in the Desert

Shooting in or near the desert, the one accessory that I discovered that I really needed was a large dark cloth.  I used my Levis shirt most of the time, but definitely will take one on my next trip out west.  Cutting down on the glare was a huge problem […]

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Jellyfish at the Newport Aquarium


These jellyfish are part of an underwater exhibit at the Newport Aquarium 

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Columbus Ohio Skyline

Columbus Ohio Aerial Skyline from Genoa Park

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Taos Zoomify Example

Driving south from Taos, NM. At the bottom of the window below is a toolbar and on the far right is a button that open this photo up fullscreen.

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Bryce Canyon - Utah - George Faerber

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canon is an incredible National Park located in Utah.  While traveling there in April of 2010, I was fortunate enough to capture many beautiful locations throughout the park.  The photo below was taken on 120mm film using a Fuji GX680. It is difficult to describe the park to someone […]

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San Marco Square Little Planet

Autopano by Kolor vs Autodesk Stitcher

A few years ago I purchased a product called Stitcher by Realviz.  This product was sold to Autodesk and updated further (and split into a vr tour application as well.)  While Stitcher still seems to win out over most competitors by any number of factors, new entrants are chipping away […]

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Red Rock California

Need more height!

Ok – this isn’t PAP, but I needed a bit more height and this boulder was all I had handy…  

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Grance Insurance - Columbus Ohio - George Faerber

Grange Insurance – Columbus Ohio

The Grange Insurance Expansion was designed by NBBJ and completed in 2010.  

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The Bakers Dozen

A ship on land awaiting repairs in Grand Manan, New Brunswick.

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Interior Photoshoot

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iPad as a Monitor

I use a program called MaxiVista on my Apple iPad and my Sony Windows 7 laptop.  This application beams over monitor information to the iPad via my local WiFi connection, and lets me space out my working area on multiple displays.  Technically, I’m using it as a third monitor, as […]

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George with PAP rig

Deaf School Elevation

Seeing your camera up this high can be a bit of a fright the first time.  Thankfully we had tie downs! 

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Old Ohio School for the Deaf, Columbus Ohio

The old Columbus School for the Deaf – PAP shot

Comparison shot of Elevated photography vs corresponding Ground Level Stuff.  Compared to the shot below, you can see the PAP shot above provides for a better sense of scale and scope for the subject, without overemphasizing the foreground. 

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Copyright Notice


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Pittsburgh Zoomify Example

I’ve been working on processing some photos I took ages ago, this skyline from Pittsburgh for example. At the bottom of the window below is a toolbar and on the far right is a button that open this photo up fullscreen.

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Travel and Photography

This year I had the ‘tremendous good fortune’ to spend roughly the equivalent of three straight months in a car, driving approximately 25,000 miles. That is equivalent to one circumnavigation of the globe at the equator. 

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How to turn your iPad into a device that’s great for business

I use the heck out of my iPad, and have started leaving my big Laptop behind for more and more client meetings.   Click on through to see a list of apps that make my iPad indispensable.  

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Bryce Canyon Arch Setup - George Faerber

Protecting the Gear

While camera bags and backpacks are great for day trips, my Storm Cases (now by Pelican) were indispensable on my trip. Not just for large gear, like the Fuji GX680 and it’s lenses, but for the myriad assortment of littler things too … thread adapters, spare tripod heads, etc.  As […]

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Columbus Ohio Skyline Panorama

Columbus Ohio Skyline Panorama

This print is 3 feet tall by 7 feet wide and hangs in the Downtown Technology Center.  It is taken from Miranova and surveys downtown Columbus.   Check back soon for more photos! 

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Awash in the Bay of Fundy

The tide waits for no man

Sometimes it’s important to hurry.  If you don’t, the tide might overtake the road back to the mainland. 

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Carlyles Watch - Columbus OH - George Faerber

Carlyles Watch – Columbus OH – George Faerber

 Carlyles Watch is located at the intersection of East Gay Street and North Third Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

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Kensington Trackball

Mice, Trackpads, and Trackballs

I’ve been working on a virtual tour project for a client recently and am in the processing stage, where I take the Circular Fisheye images from my Sunex 5.6mm lens (Nikon, Canon) and process them through Autodesk Stitcher.   I’m doing this on my laptop for some reason, a mind numbingly […]

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