Property Management Services

Property Management Services typically involve a blended approach to many of the areas of expertise listed on the site. 

Rates start at $500 per half day within the Columbus, Ohio I-270 region for available lighting contracts and a single shooter.  If the properties are proximate, it is possible to get two properties in a half day.

Additional Shooters, Lighting, or other arrangements will increase the cost, or increase time per property. Post processing time is averaged across all photos to be delivered. Usage licenses are typically for 2 years and cover web, flyers / handouts, and direct mail.  Other usages licenses may be purchased.

If you would like to have a conversation about our services, please Contact Us today! 

When do clients typically need new photography? 

  1. New Branding initiatives

  2. New Properties / New Developments
  3. Current Photography taken with point and shoots

  4. No consistency between available photos for marketing purposes

  5. Desire for more ‘interactive’ websites 

Day Rates can include any combination of the following services, based on time, weather, and availability: 

  • Traditional Photography (Furnished / Staged / Unfurnished Units, Clubhouse / Common areas, Exterior ‘establishing’ shots)
  • 360° Virtual Tours taken with a 3-Shot Sunex specialized panoramic lens and rotator (Good)
  • HD 360 Full-Screen Virtual Tours taken with 6 shot Fisheye setup  
  • HDR ‘True Lighting’ options
  • Mast / Pole Aerial Photography (+$100 base fee) for elevated photos 
  • Simple Panoramas (great for exhibiting a skyline, pool layout, or other features and amenities)



Dates are booked for and paid for in advance. 

Inclement weather re-scheduling allows for 65% (full day) to 50% (half day) credit towards rescheduled date from deposited funds.  Only one such penalty will be applied per location.

Processing time may be paid for after the photography session.

Photos may not be used by third party individuals or organizations for commercial or advertising purposes without obtaining a license. 

Units must be ‘ready to shoot’ upon arrival of photographer. 

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