Protecting the Gear

While camera bags and backpacks are great for day trips, my Storm Cases (now by Pelican) were indispensable on my trip.

Not just for large gear, like the Fuji GX680 and it’s lenses, but for the myriad assortment of littler things too … thread adapters, spare tripod heads, etc. 

As you can see from the shot below, the guy on the right was also carrying most of his gear in hard-sided cases. 

Bryce Canyon Arch Setup - George Faerber

California Red Rock - George Faerber - Fuji GX680I bought my cases from the Columbus Camera Group although you can also get them online. 

They had a set of 4 matching cases which as it turns out fit perfectly in the back of the Bronco as well as on the tailgate rack. in the shot above, I was transporting my pano head and custom base, as well as misc propping and positioning gear … although as seen here I still needed to use a pinecone to get things perfect.

On the right, one of my other cases was carrying my Fuji GX680 and all of it’s gear.  That included several lenses, some film, alternate viewfinder, extension cords, darkslides, Polaroid backs, etc. Keeping it all together over nine thousand miles of traveling just wasn’t going to be possible without a place to keep everything together. In the shot on the right, I didn’t have a ladder, so much like the pinecone, I just propped myself up a bit.  The Fuji is equipped with the 50mm lens in this shot.